What our clients say

Holly has been working with me for almost three years. She is a virtual assistant to me and my team, helping us to stay organized and focused on revenue generating tasks. She's truly a jack of all trades, my right-hand lady. She's willing to step in and lend support wherever it's needed. That's actually what I love about Holly most. She never says, "I can't ..." If she doesn't know, she rolls up both sleeves in the pursuit for figuring out how.


Holly Kile was one of the most dedicated professionals through her work at HJK Global Solutions. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for the past 5 years working at HJK Global Solutions. Reliable, dedicated and hardworking women in business. Broad-minded, efficient, insightful and careful perfectionist, with great sense of humor. Working with her is a signature of success.

Marketing manager

I've been working from home for nearly 15 years and I thought I had the virtual business gig down pat. So, it was with a slight eye roll that I signed up for The Virtual Bootcamp. Well, color me wrong!

In this course, Holly Kile uses her signature passionate presentation style to explain in plain English where you should focus your time and energy. She helps you develop a work plan that foresees all of the small and often overlooked things that impede momentum. The information she provides is not stale, rehashed content but easily executable tips on maximizing peak efficiency and productivity-management. 

The Virtual Bootcamp helped breathe some fresh air into my home business. I give this course a 10 out of 10 and many sincere thanks to Holly Kile for creating it.



Holly Kile has been a valuable consultant to me related to online strategies. I love just spending time with her because she is so brilliant and comes up with fantastic ideas right on the spot!


I have enjoyed working with Holly the last several years on a number of projects. Holly is very good at listening and then implementing exactly what you said into a well thought out plan. Holly is also very creative and designed my website, newsletter, mail campaigns, and various projects over the years. Holly is a great partner in business and really works to make sure everything she does is reflective of who you are.

linda tenella
fitness and nutrition expert

Holly is always a go-to person. You can count on her. She set up a tele-seminar series for me, which was flawless. She also has communicated with my clients, to set up and confirm appointments. Holly has also helped me by pulling together seemingly disconnected pieces of content and creating cohesive packages and products.


Holly is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all professions. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. Many people find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. As part of the team, Holly has worked hard to build authentic relationships. Her efforts have created a more productive team.

Carla walker
social entrepreneur

Holly Kile is a highly exceptional virtual assistant who is intuitive, resourceful and completes tasks quickly. Her business acumen and warm and friendly personality is a welcomed combination. I highly recommend Holly. She is an asset to any business.

marie kirkland
life coach

Holly is a coach, mentor and friend. With the redesign of my website, she’s such a great hand holder and guide. She is very creative and she knows what needs to be there on the site. She is wonderful with assessing flow and design.


Holly and her team have been my VA's for several businesses over the past 4 years. She is tremendously responsive and is excellent at anticipating my needs. Just recently, while monitoring my e-mail, she noticed a critical need and jumped in, saving me time and money!

lynn zettler
executive coach

As I sat down to write this testimonial, I am not sure how I can express with words just how much working with Holly has helped me, dare I say Changed me?  I met Holly in at a networking meeting and thought that she was incredible already and we hadn't really talked about much of anything. A couple weeks later I was lucky, no blessed, to get work with Holly. I get to spend time with Holly through Pixie Chicks and with  1 on 1 coaching time. Working with Holly is simply amazing. I feel like a brand new Nikki. I didn't expect to grow personally, I was thinking I would learn how to work and grow my business. But personally and as a business woman, things changed. My business grew, my happiness grew and I learned how to handle all the those fun things that come with growth. I really don't think I can express just exactly how amazing it has been getting to know and work with Holly. She is one amazing sparkling lady and if you ever have the chance to work with her, I say you better jump on that train!" 

nikki glutz