Another Business Strategy for Today's Entrepreneur

  • Do you have a collection of business cards waiting for you to do something with them that you've gotten from meeting tons of great folks at networking events and other business functions?

  • Is your wallet or purse crammed full of receipts waiting for you to categorize and have ready for your accountant at tax season?

  • Do you dread the thought of the tedious data entry all the while knowing that you must do it to track prospects and connections as well as keep accurate track of your expenses?

Don't let piles of business card or a
mess of reciepts cause you stress!

Let Shoebox Solutions come to your rescue!

How it works:


  1. You complete the order form and mail us your business cards and/or receipts.
  2.  We process your order and create a comprehensive spreadsheet with your data. Depending on the size of your order, our team is generally able to complete your order within 72 business hours.
  3. Once your data is compiled, we will send you an invoice via email. Invoices can be paid by major credit card or via PayPal.
  4. Once your payment is processed, we will email you your data (as an Excel spreadsheet) which you can then use to upload to your specific bookkeeping service, CRM, email contact list, etc.If you have elected to have your originals returned to you (an optional service), we will drop them in the mail immediately after your order is complete.
Business Cards: $25 for the first 100, then $10 for each additional 50 cards. (no extra charge for double-sided cards)

Receipts/Expenses: $25 for the first 50, then $10 for each additional 25 (For receipts, in addition to your spreadsheet, we will also send you a PDF with the scanned images of your documents)

Return of Material (optional): We will return your items via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail. Your charge will be based on the number of items. We will choose the smallest size necessary.